Retail Robbery Training:

Our Retail Robbery Training (RRT) is 4 hour block of instruction for designed for the retail employee.  All participants are required to provide proof of employment from their employers.  Topics covered in this seminar:

·         Laws

·         Weapon Orientation: Guns/Edged Weapon

·         Weapons Options

·         Basic Defense: Punches/ Strikes/Kicks

·         Police Response:

·         Retail employee response after a robbery.

·         De-escalation Techniques

·         Suspect Recognition

·         Investigative Techniques used by detectives

·         Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

·         Robbery methods

·         Scenario Training

Our seminars and self-defense techniques are:


-          designed to be very realistic. 

-          are strenuous and require a high degree of physical readiness, thus requires active participants be in good physical condition.  (Students may also choose to be an observer versus actively participate in physical training.)

-          designed to induce high levels of stress.  Stress inoculation provides a realistic type of training.



After you have registered on line, an email will be sent to you with a welcome letter, an indemnity waiver, and a reminder letter of what and what not to bring.

Participants should bring the following:


1.            Comfortable attire (athletic clothing)

2.            Note taking material

3.            Proof of employment and ID Card

4.            Eye protection

5.            and a great attitude…


WATER and COFFEE will be provided.


We are looking forward to serving you!

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